March 02, 2008

  • My brother came back yesterday and told me he is going to get a new 40D and keep his old 350D as back-up camera. He starts to do wedding photography, potrait and kids photography in Penang. He do it as part-time, since he worked as an Engineer in Komag. Komag has been take over by new management. According to him, his company might want to use less workers and might terminate some workers(take a deep breath and wipe his sweat..hahaha~). There will be no raise in salary for the following year and less one month bonus for this year,..what to do?? might hv just accept all the conditions right?
  • Xin Nin really weak in BM. I teach her the Ejaan today and after memorize it for 2 hrs she still cannot spell it out, that's mean...she is gonna get '0%' tomorrow?? I hope she can at least get one correct and don't bring the 'big red egg' back home for me. I dunno how to help her, she is just too lazy. When ask her to do her homework or study, she will give you every reason to avoid it. Like sleepy la, hungry or her stomachache and she wants to go to toilet. She is smart, but she is lazy and don't like books. How ah???
  • Talk to my honey in the Skype today. He told me he still didnt confirm when he'll be back home. At first, he told me he'll be back to Malaysia to 'vote' and meet his China friends here to discuss some work.. but now, since the people from China had postpone their trip. He will just stayed back in Hanoi finish his work there. He is in progress to get his working permit done. Sometimes, when both of us are far from each other, we got more things to talk about and miss each other even more...mmm, not too bad ya! I miss him~
  • I'm in dilemma between 40D or lens....(and I got too many lens in my list, dunno what to get first) recently also get poisoned with the Apple Mac Book Pro It's simply COOL. My birthday is coming soon lo...any present ah???
  • 70-200f2.8L non-IS or... 70-200f4L IS ??? My friend Quah just got this f4L IS lens not too long ago. Viewing the pictures he took of the dancers on stage with this's simply amazing. Very nice and sharp pictures, combination of the lens with his 40D. Make me seriously think about this lens umm, view the pics click HERE

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