March 10, 2008

My favourite Junk FOOD ~

Everytime I told my kids, don't take too much junk food. I also told myself I need to on 'diet' and I want to take off 5kg of fat from my 54kg weight. But,..I always end-up buying all this when I go How can I resist all this, mmm...they are just too tempting, omg~
Twisties 'CHIPSTER' potato chips - Original Flavour ~ YUM..!.!!
TAM TAM Crab Flavoured Snacks ~ yummy!!
MI MI Prawn Flavoured Snacks ~ ate this since school days
ShoYueMi Soya Sauce Crackers
ya, just to share ~ new* Vitagen Collagen
(love the design of the bottle and it taste like the original flavour)

I just finished a packet of Tam Tam, one packet of Chipster shared with my son, a packet of ShoYueMi and a I know I going to become a "fei por" soon if I continue to eat like this everyday. No exercise and just eat, eat, eat... Now, I'm enjoying my white coffee while writing this Blog...hahaha~ Pls help me!!!



~::*♀*mIyUkI*♀*::~ said...

TAM TAM Crab Flavoured Snacks,MI MI Prawn Flavoured Snacks,ShoYueMi Soya Sauce Crackers r my favorites too!but i quit eating those long time already..coz it makes me fat!!keke..

Cherry said...

Wow~ better don't eat too much junk food... it's bad for health ^.<

janet said...

reminds me to eat my junkie too.

btw, thanks for dropping by my blog, tintin.

TINTIN said...

mmm..thanks for the from tomorrow onwards i shall control myself from eating too much of this >"<

The Horny Bitch said...

I lose control and eat like mad too. Sounds like heaven to eat and share with kids, cos after that you'll still be guilt free.. haha