March 22, 2008

  • Honey called me on 7.45pm today from the airport...ya, he had reached KL but not coming back to Alor Star yet. He wanted to meet Darren first. He called me again on 9pm and told me he'll be going to office to meet Darren. He'll follow my father in-law's car back as my father in-law will sent my mom in-law and Aei Ween to KL on Monday. I really hope to see him soon. He left home to Vietnam on 24th February and it's already one month that I didn't see him other than on webcam. I miss him...
  • My son will have his mandarin speech competition on this Monday. Beside monitor my youngest daughter on her homework, I have to check her school bag everyday to see if she got any ejaan, spelling or 听写. I feel that what have been teach by their teacher now are very difficult compare with what we study last time. Imagine, just in Std 1 they already have to do the "Bina Ayat", "造句" and etc..macam-macam, duh!
  • Today I find out some of the fish in my aquarium was affected by fungus. Maybe, it's the water was too dirty or the temperature of my aquarium are too low. After get the water changed, I add in some medicine on it. I see they are getting better now.

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