March 21, 2008

  • "Honey, my flight is 2moro 4.30pm to KL" - that was the sms I received from my hubby today at 5.12pm and that's mean he cannot make it to celebrate my son's birthday with me. Tomorrow will be my son's 11th birthday. How time flies and he is 11 years old ald and I'm getting old...haihz~
  • I've planned to bring my kids out for a lunch tomorrow as they have piano class to attend at night. Still dunno where to have our lunch and I will ask him what he want to eat. Actually he wanted to hold a birthday party but I prefer just to celebrate it by ourselves. Easier right?..and I was not in the mood to hold a party also..maybe, they are too busy with their activities like school co-curriculum, tuition class and my hubby are not around too.
  • His birthday also marked the date I giving birth to him 11 yrs ago. Wow, really bring back my memories when I first experienced the delivery of my first baby. Although it's already 11 yrs but the moment still fresh in my memory. I deliver my 3 children all naturally and I never try out any of the epidural or c-section.

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