March 22, 2008

Chocolate Gift

Going out of idea what to buy for your loved one, friends and relative? Valentine's Day, Birthday or Anniversary? Just get them a box of chocolate. It's always be the best gift for friends and relatives. How sweet ya... When I went travel, my youngest daughter will always remind me to buy her the Kit Kat Minis (chocolate covered wafer stick) for her which is her favourite and I like some of the chocolate with whisky inside. Taste real nice ^.^

My neighbour is back from their Hong Kong tour today and guess what they've got me?? hehehe... omg,.. is Belgian seashells chocolates... Thank you!!

It taste real good,.. thank you!

Notice 2 missing chocolate there?? it's inside Xin Nin and my stomach now..hehe~

I almost forget to snap the chocolate pictures to post it in my BLOG..^.^


1 comment: said...

This chocolate is super yummy, i like it too.
Btw, thanks for dropping by my site. :)