March 18, 2008

Cute Sisters

I have been blessed with 2 lovely girls. Jou Nin & Xin Nin aged 9 & 7. They didn't look alike, although they are both my daughters. Jou Nin have oval-shaped face and Xin Nin's face are round-shaped, maybe she followed my hubby more as my face are oval-shaped.

They both have different character too. My elder daughter are the quiet type, very feminine, she have her own choices when it comes to food, clothes, stuff and etc.., she is smart and hardworking too, she will finished all her homework at school. She is very organised and neat. She got her own personality too.

While my younger one are very talkative, active, she just eat anything and everything, as long as it doesn't taste too bad ~lol, she is smart too but, very lazy when it comes to her schoolwork. She'll give every reason just to avoid doing her schoolwork or study. Until now she still hardly recognise the some simple words...omg!! and I've to remind her to do her homework everyday!!! She is very fun to be with and cute, you can't stop laughing when you are with her...that's Xin Nin!

They both look like twins, I like to buy them same clothes, either of same design different colour, or same colour of different design...mmm, one of them wear skirts and the other pants but same colour. Most strangers thought they are twins. Jou Nin are thin and Xin Nin are bigger size, she is more plump. They end up look the same size and they look like twins. They have same waist length hair too.

I'm the only daughter in my family and since my younger days, I really wish I will have a sister like some of my friends to share anything and everthing. Share clothes, make-up, going shopping or eating together, sharing our secrets and etc..

After I got married, my first baby was a boy and after 2 yrs I was expecting a girl and that was the most excited moment in my life. I really wanted a baby girl so much and then I was blessed with 2 of them now. I found all the things (clothes, hairclips, dolls & etc) for girls are CUTE..and if I don't have daughters that's really a torture..hahaha~

Jou Nin & Xin Nin (right)

I can't wait to see them grow up

Xin Nin pose for me ^.^

As usual,..her cheeky look !!

ya, she got dimple...

Taken with the 70-200f2.8L lens.

Love it's bokeh and it's very sharp! I can see she is tired already ~
Lovely girl - Jou Nin
She is sweet



Anonymous said...

Wow... beautiful girls u've got there. And I love your photography work. Are you a fulltime photographer?

Thank u for dropping by my blog!

TINTIN said...

Thank you. I should said I'm a fulltime wife and mother..hahaha~ Fulltime housewife. Photographer is my part-time job, why not earn some pocket money, right??

Anonymous said...

xin nin looks adorable! love the dimple. jou nin looks a lot my cousin, thin and poised. hope they are well... thanks for visiting my blog, btw... tc.

xiaoxiao said...

very cute series.. said...

Love the shots of the 2 girls standing together. Their facial expression is great. I love the tight crop, but I think what works better to step back and shoot a full body where their hands are not cropped off the side.

This way, you can even cut out the girls out from the photograph ;).

Have variety. Cropped is great. Include the surrounding on a second shot.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your 2 gals are beautiful! I love gals too. I hv 2 gals and 1 more on the way. People think I shd try for a boy but I am really thankful to hv 3 gals and dont really long for a son, though maybe my hubs secretly long for one :)

TINTIN said...

beryl - thanks - thanks for your message and suggestion. I will try to shot them again and those pics I post here a sort of candid shots of them and they are actually posing for another photographer and I just shot them from far...^^
xiaoxiao - thank you!
health freak mommy - yes, i love gals. Thanks for drop by!

Anonymous said...

your girls are beautiful and i like the way they dressed alike, they are really sweet looking girls. i like them immediately :-)

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