March 22, 2008

Lunch At KFC

Today, I bring my kids, my parents and my maid together with my father & mother in-law, my sisters in-law, Aei Ween & Su Fen and my nieces and nephew having our lunch at KFC, Alor Star Mall to celebrate my son's birthday. Here is some pics to share..

pose for a pic first before eating
my nephew Zhe Xhe is enjoying his drinks
blurr..blurr..Jou Nin, what's she doing ?
my lovely niece - Enn Yin
my mother in-law likes to wear red ^.^
Zhe Xhe can't wait to drink the soft drinks
Xin Nin likes whipped potato very much
my father in-law posing with his KFC in the mouth
we all like the 'original' KFC ... yummy!
huh..!! look at the tomato ketchup at his mouth (he is very messy boy)
yah,..everyone is busy with their KFC
father and daughter are eating the KFC potato wedges
time to pose with his birthday cake
why only 2 candles??
the big candle represent 10 and the small candle is 1 = 11 yrs old

cake cutting time ... hehe!!

That's the pics I took to share with all of you. Oh yes, why you didn't see me in the pic??? lol.. because I'm the photographer, my parents are not in the pictures also and my sister in-law Su Fen who is busy feeding her baby girl..^.^

We really enjoy the outing and my son's are very happy. My hubby can't make it to celebrate the birthday with Xen. He still in Ho Chi Minh working and will be back to KL today. Thank you each and everyone of you for turning up to make this lunch party a meaningful one ~


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LucKy☆sTaR said...

that cake so cute xD
ohh ~ this little boy so handsome and adorable xD