November 21, 2008

Vietnamese PHO24 Noodles

We have this noodles for lunch. They have different types of noodles here. Noodles are one of their famous food here too. We went to this PHO24 Noodles restaurant to try their chicken noodles. As a Buddhist, we don't take beef. Most of our Vietnamese friends said their beef noodles are very nice.

This is the shop, they have several branch in Hanoi city.
PHO24 - Vietnamese PHO noodles
Open kitchen where they cook the noodles for the customers
Every noodles is served with this, to be eat with the noodles
Waiting for our noodles ~
"Yao Cha Kuai" to be eaten with the noodles
Yummy chicken rice noodles soup with a lot of vege and spring onions
My daughter's sleepy face ~lol
I just love the cleaniness of this shop (thumb's up!!!)
Neat & clean ^.^
The worker the are plucking the bean sprouts
All types of seasoning & chilies
mmm,..want to try the broken rice??????
A very nice and cosy place ...

- busy cooking the noodles -
I love this ~
the menu and prices on the wall ~
Waiter taking the order ...
P/S: I'm SORRY for the slow update. This few days I can't get online and my hubby's office internet are too slow ^.^

Good Morning~ I've to got my kids ready by 11.30am and we're going to try out their noodles soup today. It'll be a busy day for me again, we still have to shop for the sofa and dining table. Some of the kitchen utilities-plates, cups, pot, bowl etc...etc... I still haven't really enjoyed the trip yet. mmm...tired!!!


Hanoi KFC

SORRY!! ~ I know I'm not suppose to blog about KFC while I'm now in Hanoi. Why no Vietnamese Food updates or any other interesting place in Hanoi that I can blog other than KFC!!!?? It's the third day I'm in Hanoi and u know why we end up having KFC for our lunch?

Actually, my hubby just rented an apartment and these 2 days we are busy with the apartment's stuff. The apartment rental contract was just signed today, then we have to get some cleaner to clean the apartment before all the things can be move in. My hubby got a meeting today at his office and we are accompany by this lovely girl Trang, to be our tour guide for the day. She came to our hotel with the driver at 1pm and bring us to lunch. After discussing with the kids they prefer to try the KFC in Hanoi as they don't really like the Vietnamese food we ate the other day and ..., this is how we end up eating here ~~~

Since we are staying in Hanoi for one month. I'm sure there'll be more updates on the food & places later on okay..! Cheerz for now ~

Nuggets - but it's fish nuggets**
Fried chicken - they have the Original and Hot & Spicy too~

This is how the traffic look like outside the KFC restaurant *.*
They ride the motorbikes like 'no law'...hahaha~
My kids and Trang (our sweet mandarin speaking Vietnamese friend)

P/S: Tomorrow all the furniture and electrical appliances will arrived to our apartment and I'll be a bit busy then. For your info, there is also no internet supply at our apartment yet. I'm not sure how soon I can update my blog. I'll try my best to update whenever I have the time okay!! ...


Our Journey To Hubby Office...

On the very first day in Hanoi, my hubby bring us to his office. Most of my hubby's colleage haven't seen my kids before. All of them just can't wait to see my kids.

My daughters looking at the cars behind us.
Ya, we got a driver to drive us there, my hubby dare not drive in Vietnam...
Hi..hi...we are in the seven seater KIA Carens ~
They can carry so many stuff just using the bicycle..."geng" !!~
My handsome boy
My daughter's hair, this was tie by me ^^
We cam-whore in the car, nothing to do at that time... lol~
Hubby with his driver~ he is really a good driver, very patient & polite.

Oh yes, my hubby have rented an apartment. Today, I've been busy shopping for the furniture and some electrical appliances. All the stuff will be sent to the apartment by tomorrow and I hope we can move in as soon as posibble. In the mean time, we are now staying at hotel.


November 20, 2008

Con Duong Restaurant - Hanoi

We have our very first lunch at this Vietnamese Con Duong Restaurant. I don't know if it's me or it's just the Vietnamese love their dishes to be salty. I think the food I have in this restaurant are all too salty and oily except for the first popiah look alike dish. Most Vietnamese love fried food and the will have the rice as their last dishes and most of them don't take rice.

So, make sure you don't ask for rice until all the dishes are been served ok..!!!?? lol~

Con Duong ~ It's pronounce as "chun du wong" lol~

Ya, they use bowl and plates when eating
(bowl for us to eat and the plate is for us to put the bones ...etc..etc..)

Some of the ingredients to be wrapped with the popiah skin..
different types of leaves & vege ..

Slices of meat, their popiah skin & sauces ...
the brown colour sauce smells a bit like belacan and taste salty

Fruit juice (mmm..., pomelo??) did I spelled it correctly?

Stir-fried tofu with shreded meat

Stir-fried chicken - the chicken in Vietnam taste just like our ayam kids found the meat is too hard and it take sometime for us to chewed it~lol

Soup - i dunno what soup is this, it taste funny to me, maybe I'm not use to it~

My kid's fav-fried egg with meat. Taste good but i found it too salty & oily ~

Oh yes,..there is one fish too, but I forget to take the pic...hahaha!!~ This is still not the best food I ate in Hanoi.


A Bouquet Of Rose From Hubby!

I can't recall when is the last time my hubby give me flowers....oh my, that's many many years ago!~lol It do surprised me when my hubby hand this bouquet of roses to me at the airport. I'm really touched...ya, happy although the roses are not that fresh because it's petals started to dropped the next day... hahaha~~ (guys always just don't know how to choose)
But it's the thought that counts, right??

I'm sorry for the poor picture quality ...I was too lazy to use my DSLR and I just snapped the flowers with my Fujifilm Finepix Digital camera **


November 19, 2008

HANOI ~ here we come !!!!

Finally, I'm updating this blog in Hanoi. The weather over here are just nice. Cool and windy sometimes but I love this kind of weather rather than the warm weather. Most of the Vietnamese they've started wearing their winter attire. Sweaters, jackets, leggings, boots and some even have their scarf and winter coat on.

But for me, I just wear the long sleeve blouse and sometimes I found it hot when I put on a jacket ~ lol ... But, the weather will changed to cooler in another few days time. The weather will be cooler at night time too.

Okay, let's get back to the day I take the Air Asia flight to Hanoi. It really test my patience to bring 3 kids along with me to Hanoi. We reached LCCT at around 2.30pm and maybe it's a school holiday, the airport are very crowded. We have to line-up for about 30mins just to get our luggage check in and get our tickets issued. I don't really like the crowded place but I still have to line up with the kids that I got angry when there is some of them who just cut the 'Q', they don't even bother to line up and don't even think that how long we've been lining up there with the kids.

After loads and loads of patience we finally got our butts on the plane's seats. The whole plane almost occupied by the Vietnamese people and I sit in a row with my 2 daughters while my son, he wanted the seat beside the window and he end up sitting with 2 Vietnamese girl ~ lol..
on board Air Asia to Hanoi ~
my son sitting with 2 Vietnamese pretty girl
and they knows how to speak Malay ~ *.*
she can sleep just anywhere ~
my son sleep too after having the instant noodles and milo ~
updating her diary while my youngest daughter taking nap...hehe!!~

Upon arrival, my hubby surprised me with a bouquet of roses. The Vietnamese are quite romantic actually, they loves to give flowers to the one they love or friends. I can see the people selling flowers at every corner of the road.

P/S: More pictures coming up on my next post ~~~>