November 03, 2008

BIG APPLE - Donuts & Coffee

Aeiween bought for my kids donuts last night. My kids love donuts very much. I don't how's the famous Donut taste like as I haven't got the chance to taste it. This Big Apple donuts are proven fresh and taste good although I found it a lil bit too sweet.

Big Apple Logo
Why only 5???
One have been eaten by my daughter before I snapped the picture.
-peanut filling donut -
chocolate topping plain donut - this is the BEST among all ~*
strawberry flavour donut with strawberry cream filling
- too sweet !!!
~ this is how she look like after enjoying her donut **
Best Premium Quality ?
I want to thank Aeiween for bought us the donut. My kids enjoyed it so much
~ muaxxx!!!


Jesse Tan said...

look nice, but i hasn't tried it before. Your daughter just can't wait for it because is too attractive.

I had give u an award at my blog

Constance Chan said...

i love donuts but its very fattening...hehehe

Kok said...

Then you might want to try Krispy Kreme donut! haha! Actually I found them not really that amazing. But yea, it's a trend of donuts now! hehehe!

Kuntong said...

yea...i like Big Apple'd Donut too...
damn nice

amycheah said...

I like donut but is the type that is very "classic" type. Zaman atuk & nenek time one! hahaha ....
This "filling" type of donut, is not suit me.

Adrian & Aeiween said...

heee.. you're welcome~ As long as they enjoyed it...