November 20, 2008

Con Duong Restaurant - Hanoi

We have our very first lunch at this Vietnamese Con Duong Restaurant. I don't know if it's me or it's just the Vietnamese love their dishes to be salty. I think the food I have in this restaurant are all too salty and oily except for the first popiah look alike dish. Most Vietnamese love fried food and the will have the rice as their last dishes and most of them don't take rice.

So, make sure you don't ask for rice until all the dishes are been served ok..!!!?? lol~

Con Duong ~ It's pronounce as "chun du wong" lol~

Ya, they use bowl and plates when eating
(bowl for us to eat and the plate is for us to put the bones ...etc..etc..)

Some of the ingredients to be wrapped with the popiah skin..
different types of leaves & vege ..

Slices of meat, their popiah skin & sauces ...
the brown colour sauce smells a bit like belacan and taste salty

Fruit juice (mmm..., pomelo??) did I spelled it correctly?

Stir-fried tofu with shreded meat

Stir-fried chicken - the chicken in Vietnam taste just like our ayam kids found the meat is too hard and it take sometime for us to chewed it~lol

Soup - i dunno what soup is this, it taste funny to me, maybe I'm not use to it~

My kid's fav-fried egg with meat. Taste good but i found it too salty & oily ~

Oh yes,..there is one fish too, but I forget to take the pic...hahaha!!~ This is still not the best food I ate in Hanoi.



Kok said...

I thought vietnamese food has all those soup based noodles?

Oh yea! Get those broken rice! :D

amycheah said...

hey tintin, last time when i was there, all food is sedap2 wo. Maybe my vietnamese fren pandai bring us go makan kot!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Yeah should ask the local ppl bring you guys to makan....