November 19, 2008

HANOI ~ here we come !!!!

Finally, I'm updating this blog in Hanoi. The weather over here are just nice. Cool and windy sometimes but I love this kind of weather rather than the warm weather. Most of the Vietnamese they've started wearing their winter attire. Sweaters, jackets, leggings, boots and some even have their scarf and winter coat on.

But for me, I just wear the long sleeve blouse and sometimes I found it hot when I put on a jacket ~ lol ... But, the weather will changed to cooler in another few days time. The weather will be cooler at night time too.

Okay, let's get back to the day I take the Air Asia flight to Hanoi. It really test my patience to bring 3 kids along with me to Hanoi. We reached LCCT at around 2.30pm and maybe it's a school holiday, the airport are very crowded. We have to line-up for about 30mins just to get our luggage check in and get our tickets issued. I don't really like the crowded place but I still have to line up with the kids that I got angry when there is some of them who just cut the 'Q', they don't even bother to line up and don't even think that how long we've been lining up there with the kids.

After loads and loads of patience we finally got our butts on the plane's seats. The whole plane almost occupied by the Vietnamese people and I sit in a row with my 2 daughters while my son, he wanted the seat beside the window and he end up sitting with 2 Vietnamese girl ~ lol..
on board Air Asia to Hanoi ~
my son sitting with 2 Vietnamese pretty girl
and they knows how to speak Malay ~ *.*
she can sleep just anywhere ~
my son sleep too after having the instant noodles and milo ~
updating her diary while my youngest daughter taking nap...hehe!!~

Upon arrival, my hubby surprised me with a bouquet of roses. The Vietnamese are quite romantic actually, they loves to give flowers to the one they love or friends. I can see the people selling flowers at every corner of the road.

P/S: More pictures coming up on my next post ~~~>



Kok said...

So sweet of your hubby to bring you a bouquet of rose! hehehe.

I guess your youngest daughter is very tired. Look at her mouth open big big liao. kekeke.


Yih Yann said...

Remember go there must buy 绿豆糕, the rice wrapper, handmade shinning bag and try their vegetables. Their vegetable have many types and very fresh. Thats why Vietnamese gals all very slim and pretty.

Jesse Tan said...

It's must be very tired to take 3 kids with you, but going to see your husband soon shd be very happy lor ^-^ Wish you will have a nice journey.

amycheah said...

how sweet to get the roses ...oh ya, I like the weather in Hanoi too during this season.

poofye said...

Hi Amy,

I chanced upon your blog from your tag in cookingmomster, heehee.. im heading to Hanoi with some friends early December, are you living in Hanoi? I'll just like to ask you for recommendations on places to visit in Hanoi and of course famous food places that we must go! :)

Thanks in advance :)