November 02, 2008

Supper - Nasmeer Mamak Restaurant

Having our supper at Nasmeer with my kids and AeiWeen. It's raining that night and AeiWeen decided to bring my kids to have some food at this mamak restaurant. It's just nice going to mamak restaurant on raining day. Having something hot to warm up ourselves.

" Ais Bandung" ? anyone???
Giant "Roti Tisu"

Huge? Some are bigger & taller than this . . . ^^
My daughter ordered their "Roti Kosong" (plain roti canai)
Yikkkss..he put his hand in it ~~
AeiWeen with her "Maggi Noodles Soup" and iced MILO
Slurpsss... **

We enjoy the food so much .. Yummy!!!!!



Kok said...

Mamak food is always better than those in restaurant eh? Just like the noodle house. :P

Jesse Tan said...

yes, sometimes I also like to go to mamak stall and eat. I like to drink the halia-o is very good when your stomach got wind it can help a lot.

Farah Deen said...

you always have a lot of food to show up here, is that a paper tosai? yummm!!!

TINTIN said...

Farah, I dunno if the paper tosai are the same as Roti Tisu..but it taste real nice. Very crispy !~