November 02, 2008

Noodle Station - TESCO Alor Star

We went to Noodle Station the other day on 30 Oct 08 for lunch. Attracted by the restaurant environment so we just want to try the noodles there.

Noodle Station LOGO

mmm...all the food pictures in the Menu looks so YUMMY ~ Waiting for the noodles we've ordered ~

My son ordered a glass of hot chocolate - RM5 (expensive)
My daughter eating the fried rice - taste not YUMMY at all ~
the Hot Chocolate drink also >"< ~ My rate is 3/10 - tasteless
My son's Fish n Chips - not nice also le ~ haih!
After ate some fried rice. She want to taste my soy sauce noodles ~
she don't like it either.
This is the noodles I ordered for myself. sauce taste!!!
Maybe, that's why it's called SOY SAUCE Noodles >"<
My elder daughter ordered this.
The soup taste like the MAGGI instant noodles soup.
I think a lot of Ajinomoto in it ~

One of worst noodles I have tried so far and will never ever go back there to eat ~~



Kok said...

All the food not yummy but the portion sure looks huge!

Jesse Tan said...

I'd tried noodle station in penang before, but the taste also is not that good.

Kuntong said... bad meh.
i like noodle laaaaa

TINTIN said...

emm,...kuntong, u have to tried it first only u'll know ... lol~~