November 19, 2008

Lunch at Sushi King

Ya, we've reached KL around 7pm on Sunday. The Sri Maju bus we took are not as good, they stopped for about one hour at Ipoh and we've to change to another bus without any prior notice. One indian guy (suppose to be their worker come into our bus and said "semua turun,...turun...naik bas itu, ini bas ganti bas kamu yang rosak") and it's raining at the time.

Imagine that time I've to carry all the luggage and bring my kids to the other bus. How can they like that one~ huh!!!???

The next day in KL, my sister in law Alice bring my kids to have lunch at the Sushi King. Sushi King~nothing special right??? But for my kids, they wanted to go Sushi King so much. Did you all know that Alor Star still don't have Sushi King restaurant. My kids love japanese food so much and they really enjoyed it that day.

After eating sushi we bring the kids to play at the theme park and then bring them to the playground. They really enjoyed themselves so much.

My daughter Jou Nin & my niece Jia Yi ~ aren't she adorable???

~Jou Nin~

The kids favourite -Ebiko-

Green Tea

Octopus anyone??
Cousin brother - Zhen

Cousin sister - Jia Xin

My daughter - Xin Nin
My fav - California Roll

mmm,..fried sotong

Fried soft-shell crab ~ Yummy!!
P/S: I've reached Hanoi safely with my kids.


amycheah said...

Have fun in Hanoi ya! And remember to post up lots of Hanoi related pix, items etc etc to let us see ok.

Kok said...

Here, we don't even have Sushi King! Duhhh!

Eh, enjoy your time with your family at Hanoi ok? Eat more food and visit more places on my behalf! hahaha! And don't forget to blog it out ok?

Take care and enjoy!:)