November 21, 2008

Our Journey To Hubby Office...

On the very first day in Hanoi, my hubby bring us to his office. Most of my hubby's colleage haven't seen my kids before. All of them just can't wait to see my kids.

My daughters looking at the cars behind us.
Ya, we got a driver to drive us there, my hubby dare not drive in Vietnam...
Hi..hi...we are in the seven seater KIA Carens ~
They can carry so many stuff just using the bicycle..."geng" !!~
My handsome boy
My daughter's hair, this was tie by me ^^
We cam-whore in the car, nothing to do at that time... lol~
Hubby with his driver~ he is really a good driver, very patient & polite.

Oh yes, my hubby have rented an apartment. Today, I've been busy shopping for the furniture and some electrical appliances. All the stuff will be sent to the apartment by tomorrow and I hope we can move in as soon as posibble. In the mean time, we are now staying at hotel.



Constance Chan said...

wahhh it musst be nice. i want to go i want to go!!! lol

Adrian & Aeiween said...

yee i like the picture that you with Xin Nin cutee!!

Kok said...

You have a great photo with your girl! Nice one! hehehe