November 04, 2008

My Mugs Collection

Having a headache on what to get for me as present ???

Just get me a mug ~lol . . .

Today, I'm going to share some of my mugs collection here. I just love to received mugs as presents. For me I think a mug is a special present. Apart from the sizes and designs it reminds me to the people who present it to me.

My favourite mug - A friend get me this when he is in Toronto.

Minnie Mouse Mugs - I bought this myself more than 5 yrs ago ~

Tare Panda Mug - got this at Watson - I can't recall how many yrs ago . . .

Another favourite mugs collection of mine
~ My birthday present from a friend on year 1999 ~
Mug for chinese tea - bought this a few years back ~

I got this mug for FREE when purchase Elle
I like it very much!

Mug that I use for my daily Coffee or Milo drinks - front view*

I got it for FREE from Darlie toothpaste - back view*

All my mugs are nicely kept in my kitchen cabinet ~
What kind of mugs you all like?? Did you all like to collect mugs too?



Kok said...

when's your birthday? I send you mug lah!:)

TINTIN said...

hahaha...hv to wait next yr edy~

Yih Yann said...

I used to collect mugs my cupboard got many types of mugs. I like this Barry Manilow-I can't Smile Without You :)

Eddie Wong said...

nice mug........

Kok said...

Send me an email and let me know. :D

Constance Chan said...

i used to collect them too. then after many years and too many times moving, i gave away..

my office last time during xmas some always gives mugs as presents. but that is better than magnets and photo frames...hehehe

i even bought nice pretty collections from Burger King and other fast food when they have.