November 07, 2008

San Gai Char Chan Teng

I bring my kids out to have their favourite food today. My kids love the food in this HK style restaurant. Since we already have our lunch at home, I just ordered something light that won't make us feels that full.

- we can choose to sit outside or inside of the restaurant -
- Fried mini taiwan sausage with mayonise -
- heart shape chicken nuggets -
- enjoying the ice-cream -
- yogurt vanilla ice-cream with honey -
- eating his fav nugget -
- chocolate ice shake with chocolate ice-cream -
- happy, happy girl -
- mmm,.. love this a lot -
- she love the vanilla ice-cream too -
- fried tuna toast - this one taste so so only ~
- posing for pics -

It's raining again tonight. I'm sure we'll have a good sleep tonight . . . ^^


Kuntong said...

chocolate ice shake with chocolate ice-cream looks nice wei.....XD

u can cook urself the taiwan hotdog n nugget at home..

AJ7 said...

went there but din see those kind of food you ordered. 8)

Kok said...

That's not light food loh. So many food! hahaha!

BeverLy's Secret said...

The tuna toast looks yummy to me but taste so so only? Hmm.. never judge a book by its cover :p

Somewhere in Singapore said...

u making me hungry...

ZzkAng said...

hello...first time visiting your blog...i find your pics are very nice...taken by DSLR?...i read one of your msg in curryegg's cbox that you using fujifilm camera for all your that true??..