November 02, 2008

Mc D ... Again ~

I went to Pacific - Star Parade today. I went there to check out the prices of luggage. The big luggage I bought last time when I was in Shanghai many yrs back had damage and I really need a bigger luggage.

I'll bring my 3 kids along with me to Hanoi visiting my hubby there. I think it's easier for me to bring just one luggage. But, I end up didn't buy any because there is just not much choice there and the price are rather high.

So, I decided to just use the other old luggage I have at home. Ya, I have confirmed the flight to Hanoi ~

I bring my kids to eat burger at Mc D . . . they just love it!!

Mc D french fries always the BEST!

Ahh.. ammm~

Fillet 'O' Fish


What a pose with the fries ... lol

this is the new limited burger - Spicy Fish Burger

She likes the burger a lot ~

Muaxx . . . french fries anyone?? ?

Beside bring them to have some food in Mc D. I also bought them some DVD for them to watch on school holidays.

Yeepee . . . only left 2 week before the long year end school holidays. I can relax and the kids too can have a long rest.



Kok said...

I also wonder why there are limited choice when it comes to luggage. Maybe they just don't wanna stock those "not moving stock" that much.

Wow! Seems like the kids are enjoying themselves. Mc D again! Yummy! The buns look so fresh!

And you're going to spend 1 month in Hanoi? I'm sure it'll be a great holidays for your family. :)

Farah Deen said...

you know, looking at your kids enjoying their McD, it makes me hungry now too. :) Wow- you are going to Hanoi? for holidays? that's fantastic! I bet you'll have a lot to share once you are back. Never been there before, and would love to listen to your experience.

Kuntong said...

1 month in Hanoi...sure u enjoy it..
but, got update this blog during the period or not?

TINTIN said...

Thanks..ya,one month in Hanoi will be great experience not only to me but my kids. I just want them to know how is the country their father working in look like.

Kuntong: Ya, I'll still update my blog there. Stay tuned ~ I'll bring my laptop along...hehe~

amycheah said...

aiyoyo...they are really a big fans of McD ...hahaha

Wow, sioknya can go Hanoi again. Enjoy yourself there yah!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Oh ya Tin you can try to go new pacific Star Parade there..because i got my luggage from there. It is located at outside shoplot there..quite nice somemore i think is much cheaper than in Pacific one..Try it okay..

院长 said...

I also want to eat :p
didn't eat McD for a long time le >.<
My holiday also coming^^