November 21, 2008

Vietnamese PHO24 Noodles

We have this noodles for lunch. They have different types of noodles here. Noodles are one of their famous food here too. We went to this PHO24 Noodles restaurant to try their chicken noodles. As a Buddhist, we don't take beef. Most of our Vietnamese friends said their beef noodles are very nice.

This is the shop, they have several branch in Hanoi city.
PHO24 - Vietnamese PHO noodles
Open kitchen where they cook the noodles for the customers
Every noodles is served with this, to be eat with the noodles
Waiting for our noodles ~
"Yao Cha Kuai" to be eaten with the noodles
Yummy chicken rice noodles soup with a lot of vege and spring onions
My daughter's sleepy face ~lol
I just love the cleaniness of this shop (thumb's up!!!)
Neat & clean ^.^
The worker the are plucking the bean sprouts
All types of seasoning & chilies
mmm,..want to try the broken rice??????
A very nice and cosy place ...

- busy cooking the noodles -
I love this ~
the menu and prices on the wall ~
Waiter taking the order ...
P/S: I'm SORRY for the slow update. This few days I can't get online and my hubby's office internet are too slow ^.^

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