November 06, 2008

Letter From JPJ . . . sigh ~

JPJ are acting in silent now?? This morning I received a registered post from JPJ asking me to pay them a visit on 15 Dec 2008, 10.30am. that date and time, I'll be in Hanoi.

They asked me to present myself along with my car, car guarant and the car insurance details.
Written with pen below the letter "Drive thru RED traffic light" on 26 Oct 08 at 1.18pm ~ oh gosh, .. I can't remember if I did the offense that day !!!

I called and ask most of my friends and they didn't received such letter before. I called to the JPJ and ask them if I can changed the date that they give me. I might just went to see them earlier and to find out what I have done wrong ... grrr ~

- My present from JPJ -

this is how the letter looks like

I hope nothing serious happened *sigh* Suppose it's just yellow light...kot!!! lol~


Kuntong said...

hopefully ntg bad happen..
good luck..=)

Kok said...

JPJ are like that nowadays. If you modified your car, they won't stop you but to just send you a letter...

I guess you can just change date... No worries about that. Afterall, they just wanna saman you. hehe.

TINTIN said...

Thank you for the concern...Ya, all they want is to saman me only ..hahaa~

kang yong said...

all they want is the money from citizen to cover government expanses? lol.. last time I kena speeding at somewhere in Sunway =.= So "suey"

Adrian & Aeiween said...

ohh good luck to you my dear!!

Constance Chan said...

oh dear...if its saman pay easier but still have to go for appointment sien..

TINTIN said...

ya, I also wonder why they not just saman me but ask me to see them and bring along my car, car guarant & insurance...suspect me stealing car ah?

amycheah said...

oo, hope there's nothing troublesome happen.