November 12, 2008


Sigh!! ... Stressed again. Sometimes, I'm just getting sick of listening to the complains from my kids. They just have something to complain to me everyday. From food to clothes, toys, school,..anything and everything etc. etc. etc....
Everytime I just try to be patient and explaining to them what's right and wrong but at times I started to scold them. There are few things that my kids can't change no matter how many times I have talked to them and teached them. Any help??

  • One of my kids biggest bad habit is they will never ever put back the things that they took out at their respective places. Is this because of I've started hired a maid at home since their baby time and have created a lazy character on them.
  • They are very calculative among their siblings. They will never helped each other. It's like when I ask my elder daughter to keep some books. She will tell me "I didn't read the books" The same goes to my son and youngest daughter. They will tell me, ... not me this and not me that!!! and one day I just told them, "Okayy,,...if like that, then I will just wash my own clothes, own dishes, do my own things and they have to seperately doing their own stuff ~ lol. To be calculative right??? Why must I do all their stuff. Preparing everything for them? After telling them this, they will starts to helping me in anyway...hahaha~
  • I always have to nagged them to take their bath and eat. Sometimes, I was really tired of this. Anyone of you out there who have the same problems with me???



reanaclaire said...

hi..yr nick is tintin? belongs to one of yr kids or prehaps u are longing to be thin.. haha.. anyway, just wanna tell u, i understand how it goes, bringing up kids, esp 3.. i hv 3 too, single parent since they were 3, 6 and 9.. but now they are all in their teens.. well, let me tell u, whether they are young or older, i guess, as parents, we will never stop worrying and stressing up.. haha.. its only how we take it..
talking about kids will be endless, i guess we will have lots to share..
i am going to add u up..
hope we can keep in touch more often..

eugene said...

hi,tin. first time here,love to read the latest blog entry,looks like we parents do ENJOY similiar problems from children,i love my children to complain because i can argue with them and i want to hear their reasons for complaining, but sometimes i also tembak juga.

nice to be a parent la,just enjoy it before they outgrow us hahahah

just like claire's request,can i link you up too. claire is one of my favourite blogger friends

西瓜 said...


i think my mama would agree u~~
if she saw ur blog~~

i m a bit nakal~~hehe~~

*sry, i m not very gud in english~
forgive me and correct me if i m wrong~~

Kok said...

Don't stress don't stress. I think this is quite normal. Just look at us adults... we also complain! I think somehow, it's the "trend" nowadays to complain. No also complain, got also complain... *sigh*

TINTIN said...

claire & eugene : I've link u both in my Blogroll. Will visit u more often from today onwards...

Jesse Tan said...

hello tintin,

I didn't hire any maid, i just call the maid service once a week. I start to trained my daugher to keep her toy after playing and after eat her meal, she has to take her plate to the kithen. At the moment I just have one daughter so i dunno my daughter will be calculative or not ^-^.