November 09, 2008

Something To Share ...

Today, I'm going to write a post about some stuff which I've use and found it really do benefit and useful to me. Since my maid went home on June this year, I've to do most of the house chores by myself. My washing machine never got a day off since then.

But recently I hv found that my clothes will sticks something like dirt or the tiny tread that been left in it. I use the washing machine to wash all of my clothes - jeans, blouse, my kids school uniform, bed sheets, comforter, undergarments, socks, towels etc...etc...
apa pun masuk mesin~hahaha!!! (I guess i can't live one day without it... she is my best friend now ~ lol..)

My sister in law - Fen, give me these 2 products that I found really good. The Power Max Wash Drum Cleaner and the Power Max Clog Remover. Thank you very much ya!! ^^

- cleans & sanitises Washing Machine for Optimum Laundry Cleaning -
  • Effectively loosens and eliminates build-up of lime scale, soap scum, lint, dirt and grime, which taints washed clothes.
  • Kills germs and sanities inner surfaces for a hygienic wash.
  • Prolongs machine life by improving its performance. ( that real?)
- upper part of the box -

- I can see the mud water in my machine, it's really very dirty, yuckksss!!!-

Using Direction :
  • Add 1 pack of the Wash Drum Cleaner. Fill water in washing machine to maximum level.
  • Allow machine to revolve for about 2-3 minutes.
  • For best result, soak for at least 5 hours.
  • Proceed to complete full washing cycle (Wash-Rinse-Spin)
  • Repeat process if discharged water in final rinse still dirty.

Power Max Clog Remover - very good to unclogged pipes.

Aloe Vera Cream for Eczema - the most effective so far -
cost me only RM10 for one tube ^^

- my ankle Eczema at it's worst stage - (pic taken on 22 Oct 08)

What is Eczema? I've this Eczema around my ankle for about more than 3 years. I've consulted several skin specialist - who give me different types of steriods, injections, tried many types of medicine or creams but all that can't cure my eczema - sigh~. Recently, when my maid went home, my eczema got worst especially when I've to wet my foot everyday doing the cleaning and house chores. The eczema spots got wider, it's getting more scaly, red and very dry. Sometime I feel itchy on the spots, it also cracks and started to bleed. (sorry for the pic above >"<)

- my ankle after 3 weeks using the Aloe Vera cream above -

I want to thank my mom for introduce and buying this Aloe Vera cream for me. After using 2nd tube of this cream for about 3 weeks. I can see my Eczema starts recovering and I will continue using it for another 2 tubes to make sure it's really recover.

Thank you so much mommy!! I love U~



amiable amy said... informative, im so impressed with the aloe vera...hmmm, if i knew somebody who had that, i will certainly recommend it...thanks for those wonderful info

Adrian & Aeiween said...

wow that's mean it really works la!! good good next time can recommend friends...

amycheah said...

wah, really good wo that aloe vera cream. thanks for sharing.

Constance Chan said...

wow that is wonderful. it works really well because that is really an awful eczema you had... i wonder if sg have or not.

TINTIN said...

Yes, it's really awful and had follows me for quite a long time too, I got it from a chinese medicine shop here in Alor Star.