November 21, 2008

Hanoi KFC

SORRY!! ~ I know I'm not suppose to blog about KFC while I'm now in Hanoi. Why no Vietnamese Food updates or any other interesting place in Hanoi that I can blog other than KFC!!!?? It's the third day I'm in Hanoi and u know why we end up having KFC for our lunch?

Actually, my hubby just rented an apartment and these 2 days we are busy with the apartment's stuff. The apartment rental contract was just signed today, then we have to get some cleaner to clean the apartment before all the things can be move in. My hubby got a meeting today at his office and we are accompany by this lovely girl Trang, to be our tour guide for the day. She came to our hotel with the driver at 1pm and bring us to lunch. After discussing with the kids they prefer to try the KFC in Hanoi as they don't really like the Vietnamese food we ate the other day and ..., this is how we end up eating here ~~~

Since we are staying in Hanoi for one month. I'm sure there'll be more updates on the food & places later on okay..! Cheerz for now ~

Nuggets - but it's fish nuggets**
Fried chicken - they have the Original and Hot & Spicy too~

This is how the traffic look like outside the KFC restaurant *.*
They ride the motorbikes like 'no law'...hahaha~
My kids and Trang (our sweet mandarin speaking Vietnamese friend)

P/S: Tomorrow all the furniture and electrical appliances will arrived to our apartment and I'll be a bit busy then. For your info, there is also no internet supply at our apartment yet. I'm not sure how soon I can update my blog. I'll try my best to update whenever I have the time okay!! ...



Constance Chan said...

aiyo..i've been thinking about KFC these two days and you're the second who talked about KFC in blogs...hahahaha

amiable amy said...

I love KFC...even in the Philippines, KFC is topmost of foodchain that i visited. Nice pictures. I miss the crowded places like that, very similar in my country. Here? is different.

Kok said...

Vietnamese girls are pretty eh? hahaha!

Eh, how come the mashed potatoes are only full of sauce? Hmmm

jepunlauee said...

enjoy your holidays in hanoi..and if you free ,do drop by my blog to see ,ya?when you have your internet,I mean...hehe..