October 31, 2008


My princess's favourite snacks. I like this Hello Panda cookies too. I love the chocolate fillings one.

I'm sure most kids would love this . . .

I love this "Hello Panda" . . .
Just love their way of packing ~ very cute! This is nice too~
Pucca fish cookies
This is actually chocolate and strawberry flavoured chocolate.

How Safe Is The Plastic???

We use plastic most of the time as wrappers and container for food. Have you ever think, is the plastic are safe to be use? I've received numerous e-mails from my friends about how hazardous the plastic to us.

Plastic are use to wrap most food and drinks. Plastic bowls and cups are being use to serve the hot boiling soups and hot drinks at certain restaurant. When thinking of this, it really scared me. If plastic are not safe to be use, then what I'm suppose to eat?? Most of the food are wrapped in plastic.

The milk bottle are made from plastic too. What will happen to all babies and us in future ???

Bread wrapped in plastic

Sandwich in plastic box
Plastic disposable cup
Plastic bowl? Serve the hot soup somemore. . .
Ais bandung wrapped in plastic
Plastic water bottles

A message that u must not ignore.

Did you ever drink from a plastic bottle and see a triangle symbol on the bottom with a number inside?

This is what I most concern :

I have use this Felton water bottles for quite sometime and I have bought this bottles for my kids too. From the e-mail forwarded to me. It stated there that the worst water bottle are the one with no. 3,6 & 7 and this Felton bottles are the no.7 ~huh!!!

Most of the plastic bottle will have a triangle sign with the number inside. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Do you know what the number stands for? Did you guess that it's just for recycling?
Then you are WRONG !!!!!!


1) Polyethylene terephalate (PET)
2) High density polyethylene (HDPE)
3) Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) or Plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PPVC)
4) Low density polyethylene LDPE
5) Polypropylene (PP)
6) Polystyrene (PS) or Expandable polystyrene (EPS)
7) Other, including nylon and acrylic


My Son Love Durian ! ~

Last time my kids dare not try the durian. They said it's smelly and don't even want to try it but once they tried it. They loved it so much.

One day, when on our way home, my son saw this stall selling durian at roadside. He told me, it has been quite sometime he didn't eat durian and we end up buying some durian for him.

Actually now is not the durian season here and I'm not sure if these durian are tasty. Since my son want to eat, we just try our luck and buy 3 durians to try.
My son at the roadside durian stall
This durian are from Perak . . .it's a local durian.
Over here in Alor Star, we can get to buy the Thai durian easily.

Uncle open the durian to let us see before we buy it
Becareful of the thorns okay!!!
Posing for pics at the durian stall . . . ^ ^
Overall the durian taste not the BEST but not too bad also . . . but, for sure there is the more tasty one la. . . lol~

But my son still enjoying it so much !!!


The Pink Sisterhood

I had tagged by Amy Cheah. This tag is about Breast Cancer Awareness. Thanks for the tag.

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
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Pink Sisterhood :
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I would like to pass this TAG to :
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I fully support this pink ribbon campaign, the breast cancer awareness and I hope you guys and gals can help me to spread the message in your BLOG too. Thank you !!


October 30, 2008

I'm Gonna Miss You - Honey!!

After been home for about 10 days. My hubby is going back to work in Hanoi. He will take the 9am flight to Hanoi on 31Oct. I wish him a safe trip and I started to miss him already . . . . .
I MISS U - Honey~


October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Farah!

Dear Farah,

One of my blogger friend will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Something very unfortunate had happened to her recently and I'm so sorry for her. I hope she will be strong and patient to face all that. Thank god that no one are being hurt right?

Just forget it for the time being and it's time to for you to celebrate your BIG DAY with your love one now.

I wish you always happy and healthy. May all your dreams come true !!

-picture from internet -


Be Happy ~


October 28, 2008

On Ferry

My kids will always prefer to take ferry more than Penang Bridge each and everytime we visit Penang. They just love to be on the ferry as they can get out from the car to walk around and see the beautiful scenery of Penang Bridge.

The feeling of the wind blowing to our face are just great. We love it so much. Some pictures of my kids taken by me on 24 Oct 2008. We are at Seberang Jaya to meet Wendy and then bring the kids for a day tour to Penang.

Starts posing ~ ~ ~
very windy . . . I just Love it!
Stairs to upper part of the ferry
SMILE for me pls !!
- cars on ferry -
I like this POSE - great one !
I can see HAPPINESS shines from their face
My lovely princess ~
~ 我的宝贝~

I can see from the pictures that they are very very happy &

October 27, 2008


"Start my new life soon" stated on her SKYPE there.

I'm happy for you to have successfully get your US visa and moving to start your new life with your love one. I wish you all the best in whatever you do and do take care of yourself ok?

Don't forget to keep in touch and update me with your latest news... and share with me your everything ~

Wendy, I will miss you dearly ~
Our latest pic - Wendy + me *

I wish you a safe trip to US!!


October 26, 2008

Vietnamese Love Song

Vietnamese language is one of the hardest language to master. They have all together 100+ alphabets with different pronounciation. Have you all listen to their language before? It's even harder than Thai language and it's not an easy task to master this language too. Here is one of their famous love song.

You will get to listen to this song in every karaoke there ^ ^


Feeling Depressed?

When I think of my hubby is going to left us again to work in Hanoi. I'm SAD.

All the while I think that I'm strong and independent but actually I'm also weak on the other side. Just like every woman who look strong on the outer self but is actually weak in the inner self. Suppose, I should already started to get used to this type of lifestyle. I always try to remind myself that I can take care of the house and the kids myself. I CAN...I CAN DO IT!

But still, my heart just sometimes don't obey my instructions...and started to think the opposite way. I started to feel depressed, stress and unhappy. Then all the depressed thinking starts to visit me one by one. This is the time I will find some good friends to listen to me. Be my sandbag and let me punched on them. That's what friends are for, right??

I got this POCOYO wallpaper from a good friend of mine. By looking at this wallpaper it's enough to cheer me up. Be a confident "leng ma ma", yeah I will . . .



October 24, 2008


This post is specially dedicated to my lovely sister in law Aei Ween . . .

Happy Birthday to U,
Happy Birthday to U . . . ,
Happy Birthday to Aei Ween,

美女, we wish you a very Happy 25th Birthday and May All Your Wishes come true. Oh my, without me realising it. You are 25 years old already ya . . . (sorry, it's not I want to remind you of your OLD age eh.. hehehe!~) Still not old but, not young anymore ~lol* (must be guai guai already ya)..
I hope TODAY will be a good START of your LIFE be it with your relationship, career and everything. I HOPE you've finally found SOMEONE who loved you and YOU also loved him in return (well, this is not easy okay!!~) I hope you could achieve what you have dream all the time. Get to travel to the places of your dreams and have a PEACEFUL and HAPPY LIFE with your loved one.
Well, the most important is, please take care of your HEALTH. I wish you a good health and don't forget to ENJOY yourself ya! (p/s : Mr Adrian, please let her happy alwayz ~)

Happy Sweet 25th &

From : Your Bro - BOON, Forever Lovely Sis In Law - AMY, CUTE Nephew - XEN+ Nieces - JOUNIN & XINNIN

(We love you always!)

October 23, 2008

Honey's Back !!!

Yeah..., my hubby have reached home safely. He reached Alor Star Shahab Perdana Bus Station around 3.30am Tuesday morning. This time round he didn't bought much things back, just some present for our kids.

Staying far from each other make us treasured each other more and I'm now spending each and every minutes we have together before he left to work again.

Here is the present my hubby got for our kids . . .

Lovely dolly for my youngest daughter.

Pink sweater for my elder daughter.

Kit Kat chocolate for my son.


October 22, 2008

McD Hello Kitty Toys Collection

Talking about Mc Donalds I just realise that I've collected quite a number of their limited edition toys over years. I like most of the Mc Donalds toys but I can't collect them all.

So far I have collected the Mc Donalds Hello Kitty "Lovers Collection" & "Wedding Collection". I also have collected their Teddy Bear & the Snoopy collection too.From all the collection of the toys I have.

I love this Wedding Hello Kitty Set the most.
Japanese Wedding Kitty
Korean Wedding Kitty
Chinese Wedding Kitty
(my princess help me to hold it . . can't stand by himself)
Western Wedding Kitty Malay Wedding Kitty

I like the Chinese and Korean the most. Maybe is because of their colourful costumes. What you all think? Cute, right?? . . .

I will share my Lovers Kitty set which I really make an effort to collect them. Lining up at the McD outlet every morning for 1-2 hrs just to get it ... crazy??? Yeah !!! ~lol


October 21, 2008

Mc Donalds Treat For The Kids

Finally my kids finished their exam. After a week of hardwork and studies for their final exam. I bring them out shopping and treat them to their favourite McD.

I love McD too
My favourite McD burger
Filet -O- Fish
Enjoying the nuggets and burger
Eating french fries
Stop eating to pose for me
Have some drink first . . . thirsty~
* Cam-whore time *
Lick ** Lick ** Yummy~
Wearing the T-shirt I bought for her from Canada . . .
Stick the chili sauce plate up ... hoho~
Happy meal gift - McD pencil case
Eating and drinking at the same time . . .

After eating at McD, I bring them to Popular Bookstore to buy their favourite "Ge Mei Liang" books. I can see they are enjoying the outing and very happy.