October 08, 2008

Happy Moment At Pizza Hut

My son tells me he wants to eat PIZZA. All my kids love pizza so much. I always remind myself.. I want to learn to bake pizza (anyone out there who have pizza recipes pls share it with me ya~) Everytime when my parents are at home they will prefer to eat home-cooked food. Since my mother got hypertension, diabeties & high-colesterol, she have to watch her diet. She can't take food that taste sweet, too salty or oily.

When my parent are not at home or away for holidays.... jeng~jeng~ my kids will be happy because they can eat outside and get to eat their favourite fast food and hawkers food. I bring them to have their favourite pizza at Tesco Pizza Hut yesterday. I found that the food there are not warm enough. Maybe they got less customers there and the food they have prepared no customers order it.

The interior design of the place are not too bad but the quality of the food are equal important to me. I also found that their Pepsi drink not cold enough and taste not the same like we drink straight from the can. Anyway, we like the Hawaiian Chicken Extra Cheese pan pizza... that's hot and taste great.

Some pictures to share here ~
posing with little toy doggie while waiting for the food
have his soup (i shot this picture without flash to see the outcome of the pic)
beautiful lamp and mirror decorate on the wall (shot without flash also) garlic bread .. bread not hot enough .. (snap this pic without flash also)
dipping the bread in the soup and eat ... (natural light pics..no flash also)

eating there is quite costly RM60.40
Hawaiian chicken extra cheese pan pizza - regular size (no flash)
pic of pizza (picture a bit under- for yr info, all the pics are not editted)
black pepper chicken wings - no very nice
seafood lasagne - taste bad compare with the other pizza hut branch

eating her pizza ^ ^

my elder princess finishing her pizza
having her second piece of pizza
busy eating his pizza . .
she just like to pose for me ... hehe ~

All those pictures are not editted. I just resize and post it... I'm still in learning stage to take good pictures with my new FujiFilm baby.

I don't like to use the flash unless it's really needed. Pictures taken with flash on will make the pictures look too bright and flat or the face look shining.


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Kuntong said...

i dun like to use flash too..haha