October 05, 2008

One Picture First . . .

One week long Raya holidays. My brother and his wife came back from Penang for their Raya break so, we decided to do a photoshoot for my kids. I want to take nice pictures of them and make a photobook for future memory so that they can see how they look like when they are still a kid.

I wake up at 6.45am to prepare their breakfast first before I wake them all up at 7am. After shower and get dress. We are ready for the photoshoot. I go to my mother house to fetch my brother and we go to 2 different location. First location is a place with all the long and hairy grass (very perfect place to take pics), the second location is a garden beside a river.

I post one picture first, more pictures on the way ~
Stay tuned!!!

*please click on the pic for larger view*


1 comment:

Kuntong said...

nice shot!
we are waiting for othrs photo!
if im thr..i hope i can join the photoshoot too.. haha