October 24, 2008


This post is specially dedicated to my lovely sister in law Aei Ween . . .

Happy Birthday to U,
Happy Birthday to U . . . ,
Happy Birthday to Aei Ween,

美女, we wish you a very Happy 25th Birthday and May All Your Wishes come true. Oh my, without me realising it. You are 25 years old already ya . . . (sorry, it's not I want to remind you of your OLD age eh.. hehehe!~) Still not old but, not young anymore ~lol* (must be guai guai already ya)..
I hope TODAY will be a good START of your LIFE be it with your relationship, career and everything. I HOPE you've finally found SOMEONE who loved you and YOU also loved him in return (well, this is not easy okay!!~) I hope you could achieve what you have dream all the time. Get to travel to the places of your dreams and have a PEACEFUL and HAPPY LIFE with your loved one.
Well, the most important is, please take care of your HEALTH. I wish you a good health and don't forget to ENJOY yourself ya! (p/s : Mr Adrian, please let her happy alwayz ~)

Happy Sweet 25th &

From : Your Bro - BOON, Forever Lovely Sis In Law - AMY, CUTE Nephew - XEN+ Nieces - JOUNIN & XINNIN

(We love you always!)

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Adrian & Aeiween said...

Thanks Tin :') So touching!!!!! Don't worry I will take care myself and be guai guai girl!! heee