October 18, 2008

What I Got For Myself Recently.....

EVERYONE OF US LIKE SHOPPING RIGHT??? but, did you all end up buying the stuff that we don't really need it?
I like shopping, but now it's more towards window shopping. Last time I used buy a lot of stuff and end up buying the stuff that I don't really need it. I'm just like buying all the things that catches my eyes without think if I do really need it. Now I won't simply buy the stuff I see and instead I will take sometime to think about it before I buy them.

Below are some clothes that I bought this morning which I found them very comfortable and really worth the price.
-grey coloured with purple stars design jacket- RM32
-satin strips blouse with belt- RM30
-green teddy t-shirt-RM25
Sometimes I will just do some survey about the thing I want to buy first (for the things that's more expensive~lol) Sometimes I think, is that means I'm getting old now??? umm...comparing the price, normally this kind of action is only done by all the older people. I will starts to think that we should not simply spent our money ~hahaha!!
- my new gold coloured ballet pump -RM25

-Adidas sport shoes-my most expensive purchase recently, it definitely WORTH! hehe

I want to share some tips for us to avoid buying the things that we don't really need. When we see anything that is really attract us. Try to control ourselves and not buying the stuff first. Just continue with our shopping and it may end up, after thinking about it and we didn't buy it. Just give sometime to think before we buy anything ~

Ask few questions to yourself...

  • Do I really need this?

  • Is it really suits me?

  • Will I wear/use it often?

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Is it really worth the price?


Kok said...

I actually did the same thing like you - to survey before I buy anything. Yikeesss! You said it's only done by old people but I'm just in my early 20s!

Jesse Tan said...

I have the same problem like you, so I ask myself like this too. Although I manage to control myself but when I go back I will keep thinking the things that I didn't bought. Sometimes I will regret I didn't buy...ha ha ha...so confused.

ZARA said...


this is awesome!

i want those too~


Mei-Wah said...

hey tintin! i used the same method to control myself too! when i got the urge to buy something that catches my eyes, i will walk away and think about the item that i want to buy: "is it worth it?", "does i really need that item?". most of the time i will end up NOT buying that item... hahahaa... (^_________^) girls are like that...

amycheah said...

I think I'm a little bit different from u... cos I can control myself from simply buying things...ha ha ha, kedekut kan I ni??!!!

blurryhunniee said...

it's not about age ler....a lot of people starts to think like that now coz of the high inflation! Haha.

Neways, I like your purchases...especially the top two things :D Where did you get them? The price is rather cheap :)