October 21, 2008

Mc Donalds Treat For The Kids

Finally my kids finished their exam. After a week of hardwork and studies for their final exam. I bring them out shopping and treat them to their favourite McD.

I love McD too
My favourite McD burger
Filet -O- Fish
Enjoying the nuggets and burger
Eating french fries
Stop eating to pose for me
Have some drink first . . . thirsty~
* Cam-whore time *
Lick ** Lick ** Yummy~
Wearing the T-shirt I bought for her from Canada . . .
Stick the chili sauce plate up ... hoho~
Happy meal gift - McD pencil case
Eating and drinking at the same time . . .

After eating at McD, I bring them to Popular Bookstore to buy their favourite "Ge Mei Liang" books. I can see they are enjoying the outing and very happy.



Kok said...

I guess the kids are more than happy. Should give them a reward after hardwork. :)

amycheah said...

wah, they really enjoy the McD...hahaha

Kuntong said...

everytime see ur kids..
thy still handsome and pretty like always...

Constance Chan said...

my daughter loves the new Wasabi Fish Fillet promotion. do they have it in Malaysia now? it also comes with Wasabi fries..