October 26, 2008

Vietnamese Love Song

Vietnamese language is one of the hardest language to master. They have all together 100+ alphabets with different pronounciation. Have you all listen to their language before? It's even harder than Thai language and it's not an easy task to master this language too. Here is one of their famous love song.

You will get to listen to this song in every karaoke there ^ ^



Kok said...

Try eating at a Vietnamese restaurant or going to Vietnamese shop (in Australia, there are lots) with Vietnamese music. You'll listen to a lot of "dong dong" in the music. hahaha!

Yih Yann said...

I went to Vietnam and there are also many Vietnamese in my company, they really speak Ding Ding Dong Dong Diong Diong. :D

amycheah said...

When they are talking is sound like singing to me ...cos their tone is really like singing.

Kuntong said...

im blurr..... @.@