October 05, 2008


I LOVE ICE-CREAM!!! . . . my kids too enjoy ice-cream. I'll make sure to get some different flavour ice-cream whenever I do my shopping for grocery. After a day out under the hot sun, it's really nice to have 2-3 scoop of ice-cream to cool us down. I like the CHOCOLATE flavoured ice-cream and I also like the Baskin Robbins Strawberry Cheesecake flavour.

Today, I snapped some pictures of my kids when they are having their ice-cream.

pose for me before enjoying his ice-cream .. .
it's finger licking good.. ^ ^
haha..sleepy eyes (oh no mommy, the sun is too bright~)
*i'll eat the ice-cream after finish taking pics..**
mommy,... faster, i can't wait to eat ald ~
oh.. my ice-cream melt already **

I have tried green-tea flavour ice-cream at Jogoya (a japanese buffet restaurant in KL) it taste heavenly nice. I also love to have ice-cream while watching my drama ~ hehe! Did you all like ice-cream too?? What flavour?


Kok said...

Durian flavour! :D

amycheah said...

i taste that green tea ice cream too when i dine in Jogoya..he he he. It is nice...