October 20, 2008


mmm,..he is back but I can only hear his voice on the phone. This time round he has been away working for a longer period and I can't wait to see him again. The feeling of missing someone is really terrible.

When BORING worms strikes US!
(snapped pics when stopped to wait for the traffic lights)
sometimes we do need someone to care about us too . . .

to share our laughter and tears . . . or secrets (hehe!)

TODAY - 4pm (moody sky)

It's raining . . rains make people feels depressed *

I'm LAZY - still have loads of housework not done yet >"<

SLEEPY face ~ ~ ~ still in her school uniform *blek~*

Raining Day - Drive & Listen to music is quite enjoyable . . .




Having a bowl of hot RED BEAN soup on raining day is the BEST thing ever !!!

YUMMY . . .