October 03, 2008

Drink More Water !

I got my princess these lovely water bottles when I bring them to TESCO yesterday. In order to encourage them drink more water, I bought this bottles for them. I ask them to bring their water bottle along wherever they go. Both of them choose the design they like and I just pay for them. They like the bottle comes together with a straw.

As soon as they reached home, straight they go and wash the bottles and fill it with water. They drink their water happily with their new water bottle ...
(not a bad idea to encourage kids drink water ya!! )

this is my elder princess's bottle
my younger princess's bottle
drinking her water
come with a straw, it's very convenient..
just finished taking her shower...messy hair~


amycheah said...

si lo, this is the best way to encourage kids to drink water. Let them choose the bottle that they like. Hey I drink minimun 2 litres per day leh. And I also bring my water tumbler out during shopping etc ...

Kuntong said...

great idea!

Kok said...

sometimes it's just this little things that'll make the kids happy. hehe.

jepunlauee said...

cute bottles..you ler..got buy one for yourseld ???
hey you know,when we went back this year we also bought those plain lloking water bottles wor..coz we saw so many ppl also use those bottles..

Jesse Tan said...

everytime i bought new cup for my dotter, she will keep drink water through out the day, but dat's jz for few days only.