October 05, 2008

Good Morning!

Ya, I wish everyone's having a beautiful Sunday. In Alor Star our holiday falls on Friday & Saturday. Sunday will be a working & schooling day for the kids except for certain companies like the bank they will have their off day on Sunday. So, Sunday is a working day for me ... *SOB* ~

I'm busy and don't have much time to update my BLOG. Not to say to edit and upload the pics. I don't do much editing to the pictures, just auto-contrast, adjusting the pic exposure & resize it.

Here is another 2 more pics to share. For sure more pictures coming up & I'll post my son picture soon . . . Enjoy !

I like this picture of my elder daughter. Her smile so natural ya?? Due to the bright day, she can't open her eyes big ~ hehe..
*please click on the pic for larger view*

This is my younger daughter. Actually this is not a good picture. The composition of this pic can still be improve but I just love the grass background in the pic. Very beautiful right??

Actually doing a photoshoot with kids really test our patient. Try to imagine. Apart from doing the photoshoot, we have to teach them how to pose, style them (keep comb their hair for a neat look**) and they will give-up very fast. We have to be fast before their mood comes and they refuse to take pics ald ~lol * So, be prepared to take their candid pics when they are in bad mood.

When doing a photoshoot with kids :

  • Make sure you have their favourite drink & food along.
  • Wet tissue.
  • Comb, Kid's Hat (it helps when they starts to sweat and this is use to cover their ugly hair)
  • Extra clothing..
  • Their favourite toys
  • Some candy or lollipop ~lol
  • Paper fan.
  • Umbrella.
  • Tiger balm or any kind of oitment (when they complains of pain or itchy)

I hope the above info might helps those who want to do a kids photoshoot ... ^ ^

Cheerz !



Kuntong said...

owh..Sunday is working day..yhx for the info. =)

hmmm...really nice the pics..
well done!

amycheah said...

hmmm....nice picture la and l like the grass too.

Constance Chan said...

i've not been to a photoshoot for kids but ever go to one when they do those annual report board of directors shot. boring...hahhaahha

i like to watch photoshoots actually. the photograhpers all got good concept but some male ones very impatient one. last time one who does those outdoor shot bring up to 13 bags of barang in his van until i got no place to sit. another time he bring so little barang and i have to follow him in his scooter and use his smelly helmet...yucks.