October 11, 2008

Grocery Shopping Day

I enjoy to shopping for food. I can't live a day without the food I love at home. My house will be stored with different types of food and I just get to eat them whenever I want.

Fruits, biscuits, ice-cream, cold drinks, hot drinks, junk food, instant food, canned food and etc... lol

I think I won't die of hunger if i didn't going out for days.
RED RED strawberries ~
Chocolate Vanilla Dream Ice Cream
I got the Strawberry Vanilla Heaven flavour too ..
my kids fav. YAKULT
TESCO Brand biscuits ~
Honey Pork Ham - my elder daughter love this Bread *
100 PLUS
Honey Stars - my daughter will bring this to school



Kok said...

Those strawberries are so red! Are they local or imported?

Lots of food you bought there. I think it can last you for a while. hehe.

Have a great weekends!:)

TINTIN said...

Cameron Highlands strawberries. It's red and juicy but taste a bit sour. I wish a great weekends too ^.^

jepunlauee said...

hey...tintin..you can I can join membership ler..I also crazy shopping for food..always my fridge and freezer over loaded..no place to put in extra..hehe..

When I tell my kids that ,my dream is to have a special room with many fridges and freezer..they says I gila lioa...haha..

amycheah said...

wah, i love the strawberries la. also the ice-cream.

Ellie_pi said...

yakult and strawberry is my favorite....

seems that u piled up quite lot of stuffs today...

have a sunshine days with your family!

W_W_H said...

hmm... i like the honey pork ham!!!

yum yum.......!!!

Constance said...

i looooove to go shopping also ler..hahaha can go for hours non stop. but now must learn to spend less liao.