October 31, 2008

My Son Love Durian ! ~

Last time my kids dare not try the durian. They said it's smelly and don't even want to try it but once they tried it. They loved it so much.

One day, when on our way home, my son saw this stall selling durian at roadside. He told me, it has been quite sometime he didn't eat durian and we end up buying some durian for him.

Actually now is not the durian season here and I'm not sure if these durian are tasty. Since my son want to eat, we just try our luck and buy 3 durians to try.
My son at the roadside durian stall
This durian are from Perak . . .it's a local durian.
Over here in Alor Star, we can get to buy the Thai durian easily.

Uncle open the durian to let us see before we buy it
Becareful of the thorns okay!!!
Posing for pics at the durian stall . . . ^ ^
Overall the durian taste not the BEST but not too bad also . . . but, for sure there is the more tasty one la. . . lol~

But my son still enjoying it so much !!!



Kok said...

Nowadays is durian season, so there are plenty nice durians out there. hehe.

But then, make sure you and your kids drink lots of water! Else, it'll be very heaty and might fall sick...

Farah Deen said...

Wow, I love durians too. In Penang the season has ended, and looking at your durian photos now, make me feel like buying some too. where is the season now? Perak?

p.s: Tintin, tomorrow my blog will be private. Yes, you need to email me your email address so that I can add you to my readers list. Details are on my blog.

Kuntong said...

20yrs old and i still dare not to eat durians...

amycheah said...

Well durian to me is so so lo. not really a big fans of durian.