December 27, 2008

Trip To Hadyai On Christmas Day

Since my sister in-law Alice came all the way from KL to sent us back to Alor Star after we came back from our trip to Hanoi. We take the opportunity to visit Hadyai on the Christmas Day. My father in-law sent us there before he went to play golf with his friends there. The main purpose for us to visit Hadyai is of course for their food and visiting the temples there. We did some shopping at Robinson Shopping Centre before we went home.

From Alor Star, it's just about 2hrs drive to Hadyai. But, it's a bit crowded at the border that day and we spent more than 30 minutes just lining up there to get our passport and border pass chopped.

Prawn Noodles - my breakfast in Alor Star before we started our journey to Hadyai by car.
Christmas Day ~ off day and everyone are visiting Hadyai. Pls look at the crowd~
There is several tourist bus there too. Very slow and long queue at the custom counter.

All my kids, my nephew & niece join the crowd to get their passport chopped.
Upon we reached Hadyai, the first thing we do is to get our empty stomach filled first. We go to this famous Thai Food restaurant - Kan Eng to have our lunch. It's just 2 adult and 5 children, well...majority are children. We ordered most of the non-spicy food for the kids. Their TomYam are NICEEEE...
Kan Eng restaurant Menu ...
Fried Egg - I love Thai fried egg very much...
Stirred fried Kang-Kung with bean sauce
Kerabu Mango with Deep fried fish
Yummy fish cakes with peanut sauce
Fried fish meat with ginger & spring onion
Most people who visited Hadyai will know this restaurant and it's always crowded with many customers either the locals or the tourist. Most of the dishes there are very tasty and the most important is, their price are very reasonable. The dishes all come in small size which enable us to order more types of dishes to try. Must try all the dishes there when you all visit Hadyai okay!! ~ We stay there one night, our dinner is Thai Seafood ... yum, yum, YUMMY !!!~

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amycheah said...

oh no...I'm drooling after seeing your dishes pictures.

jepunlauee said...

I better write down all those food names..they looks so yummy...
I think I will get stuck in that shop whole day if I were to visit it..hahaha..

Yih Yann said...

Wao...delicious food...I also wanna try up this spicy Thai food when I go Bangkok later :)

aussieahchee said...

Looks like you have a good holiday. The food is looks so delicious and yummy!

Yiew Weng said...

where is the Kan Eng Restaurant located in Hadyai ?