December 05, 2008

Boring . . .

I'm sitting in my hubby's office now doing nothing. I was so careless to leave my card reader at the apartment and now I can't upload the pictures from my camera's memory card. Maybe, I just post up an update without pictures. We are doing good here in Hanoi.

Finally we've settle all the stuff for my hubby's apartment. We got almost all the electrical appliances and the furniture we want. Shopping at here are quite tough for us as most of the Vietnamese people don't speak good english. Most of the time we have to bring along a friend that who can be our translator. I also found out that the things in Hanoi are not cheap as well, especially their food here.

Sometime we can end-up spending nearly RM200 for just one meal. They love the food with stronger taste. The Vietnamese people love to dipped their food with many different seasoning too. Another thing which I found it really amazing is, they can carry almost anything or everthing with just a motorbike. Can u I imagine they deliver our sofa sets with the motorbike?? I think this will not happened in Malaysia.

Actually I really have a lot of things to share here. Apart from the great experience staying in Hanoi for the longest period, I've also tried many different Hanoi food, from the roadside stalls to the restaurant food. I really love their rice paper spring rolls, their steamboat/hotpot ~ it's called "Lau" in Vietnamese, mmm..sound a bit like hokkien right? We call it "Lor" in Hokkien.

I found some of the Vietnamese language sounds just like mandarin language too. What I love the best now is the weather. Not too cold and not too warm, which is just nice~~

Xin Cam On !!!



Johnny Ong said...

its nice to read abt hanoi from a malaysian blogger's perspective

Yih Yann said...

I oso try Lou when i was in Hanoi...I like it...their vegetables very nice and also their maggie mee is nice too :P

Kok said...

One meal costs RM200?? Wah! That's quite expensive! I always thought Vietnamese food is very cheap. hehe.

Did you try the broken rice there? Nice or not ah?

What's cheap in Vietnam?