December 08, 2008

K-Link Hanoi

Upon arrived at K-Link office in Hanoi, we are greeted by these 3 lovely receptionist there. The picture below is Miss Trang of K-Link Hanoi. She is very pretty right??

Her smile so sweet... (co ay rat xinh dep)~ ^.^

Miss Khanh & Miss Dat~
Dat just got married recent and I want to congratulate her again here^.^
Miss Trang & my daughter.
Two pretty girls and my girls... ^.^



Kok said...

Seems like the ladies in Vietnam are all pretty hor? kekeke!

Eh, the last photos should be "4 pretty girls"! haha!

TINTIN said...

Yes, most of them are pretty. But I found them a bit too short, if they are tall then sure they'll beat the Malaysian girls ^.^