December 16, 2008

She can't sleep without it...

My 7 years old daughter can't sleep without hugging her soft toys. Not all kind of soft toys she will like but it must be of the same material with the soft toys I bought for her when she is still a baby. She have used to touch and hold the soft toys when sleeping.

I was packing so many things that I forgot to pack her "clown-clown" and when we reached KL, she is so sad that she told me she can't sleep without her "clown-clown". She will give name to each of her toys. So, she got all the different names on her different soft toys. But, the one she need when sleep time is this "clown-clown". No matter where she put it on daytime, she will find it and go to bed together.

When we reached Hanoi the first night, again she missed her "clown-clown" at night. I see her so addicted to her soft toys and I promised her that, I'll buy her a soft toy as her temporary sleeping companion while in Hanoi. She don't choose the outlook of the toys but she'll touch and feel the toys to see if it got the same material as her "clown-clown". After touch so many types of soft toys at the Big C's toys department she finally told me she wanted this not so cute looking Tortoise soft toy. It only cost me RM12 and I think the price is just reasonable, right??

She give her tortoise a KISS and she love her so much ^^
She call her "Quay Quay" such a lovely name ~hehe !!
Quay Quay pretend die ~hahaha!
Quay Quay tail look so funny ^ ^

She hugged Quay Quay day and night on our one month trip in Hanoi. I think her Quay Quay now got her special aroma already. I was joking with her, I asked her to just left her Quay Quay here in Hanoi to accompany her daddy. When daddy miss her, he can just hug and smell her Quay Quay ~lol!!! She just shout out loudly "NO" ..... "NO" ...... She is just cute!



amycheah said...

Very cute dotter and soft toy.

Adrian & Aeiween said...

haha so cuteee.... maybe you should buy one set of soft toys like got husband, your prince and princess and you. So you can just put at your hanoi apparment. So everytime your husband back from work he can see your soft toys..and will miss you guys... =)

Jesse Tan said...

so cute, my dotter also have her bear bear to sleep with her. She can't sleep without her soft toy. She will suck her thumb when she hug her bear bear.

BeverLy's Secret said...

She is cute indeed :)