December 23, 2008

Seri Janggus Seafood Restaurant, Alor Janggus

Tonight, Khen & Fen (my bro & sis in-law) treat us, Alice & me dinner. We went to a seafood restaurant at Alor Janggus about 15minutes drive from Alor Star. Since my mother cooked for us today. I only bring along my eldest son and Alice bring along her eldest daughter Jia Xin. The rest of the kids they already have their dinner at home.

Khen ordered fried rice, fried cuttlefish, prawn curry with milk, stir-fried bitter gourd with salted egg, fried "heh kor bak", stir-fried fish with ginger, spring onion & dried chilies and soft shelled crab.

Fried rice
Crispy cuttle-fish...yummy!!
Prawn curry cooked with milk with baby tomatoes....this is nice!
Glass Vermicelli & bean sprout (to be eaten with the prawn curry)*
Look at the prawn .... slurpppp~~
Bitter gourd with salted egg & meat
Fried "Heh Kor Bak" with salted egg...
Stir fried fish meat with ginger, spring onion & dried chilies...
Crispy soft-shelled crab

All the food are yummy and guess how much does it cost us???? 4 adult & 3 children. It only cost us RM80 plus drinks & 1 tiger beer. Cheap, right???



Adrian & Aeiween said...

wah so cheap!!!!!! kanasai i was away cannot join you guys >_<"

amycheah said...

Above of all dishes, the "Glass Vermicelli & bean sprout" is the most special & new to me. I never try this before in Pg. And it is real cheap with RM80 can "how koh" so many types of dishes...