December 12, 2008

Temple Visit

Talking about temples. I found that Hanoi have quite a lot of temples. Most of the Vietnamese people are buddhist and christian followers. For the Buddhist Vietnamese people, they pray like us using the joss stick too. They listened to the Buddhist-mantra just the like every buddhist around the world.

25-11-08 ~
After having the ice-cream, we visited this temple beside the Hanoi lake. According to Em Trang, this temple is one of the oldest temple in Hanoi and we just dropped by there to have a look and pray of course. Part of the walkway to the temple are still under renovation, they are planting some plant to beautify the place. Okay, I think just let the pictures do the talking ... here we go~

The entrance of the temple
Chua Tran Quoc - I don't know if this is the temple's name??
Beautiful Pagoda
Buddha's statue on the pagoda
Em Trang & my kids ...
Some decorative stuff on the roof of the temple
Bodhi Tree planted by Dr. Rajendra Prasad-former President of India & President of Ho Chi Minh on March 24, 1959
I took this picture under the Bodhi tree ^.^

The exit of the temple
Joss sticks was sold outside the temple...
Namo Amithaba!!


amycheah said...

ya, there got a lot of temple. and they do pray "Kuan Ying" jugak.

Xiao-Kia said...

Very special.. I like it very much. Your son like magic? go to my to see.. Hehe ^^

Johnny Ong said...

the temple architecture is heavily influenced by chinese designs

Kok said...

I like that pagoda! The architecture is just nice.

Enjoy yourself there!:)