December 11, 2008

Chicken Rice For Dinner

This post was back dated on 24-11-08. We, my hubby & I was busy cleaning and taking care of our apartment when the people here sending the furniture we bought. What I hate most in Hanoi is, it's too much dust everywhere. Each time when I finished mopped the floor here, it'll dusty again when the people come to our apartment to fix something.

The air conditions over here are very polluted. Luckily, we take car and not motorbike. I can see most of the people here are wearing the mask when they riding their motorbike or bicycle. I got my kids the mask too. Will show u all the mask on the next post okay??

Since, everyone of us are busy. We are all just too lazy to go out and we end up having our dinner at home. On the way back home from his office, my hubby packed this one of the Hanoi famous chicken rice for us. I love their fried chicken, not too oily and it's yummy. I don't how they make this, the chicken are very well marinated, the skin very crispy and the chicken flesh are very juicy... one word to describe it!! YUMMY~

The fried chicken ~

At that time we still don't have a dining table, chair or sofa...
It comes with this vege
Lime, salt and the finely-ground peanuts ~ mixed and dipped the chicken with this. It taste sour and salty...most Vietnamese will dipped their meat dishes with it.
My son was forced to post for me with the chicken...we just have our dinner on the floor.

p/s: To all my friends and relative in Malaysia. My kids are doing well here too. I will update more!! Check it out ok!



Yih Yann said...

Hihi...memang Hanoi air condition is very polluted because there got many factory. Your son is leng chai o :P

Xiao-Kia said...

Hmmmm.... look delicious.

amycheah said...

Ya, Hanoi is very dusty. All wear face mask one. Hmm, the chicken rice looks great.

Kok said...

Is that a fried chicken or a baked chicken? It looks like a baked chicken to me leh. hehe.

Have fun in Hanoi! Would love to hear more from you about this Hanoi trip! Take care ya!:)

Kuntong said...

whn u cm bck 2 malaysia?

TINTIN said...

I'll be back on 17 Dec...