December 25, 2008

Ha Noi Roadside "LAU"

On my one month stay in Ha Noi, I get to know that the land and house there are very expensive to compare with Malaysia. The expensive rental of the shophouse there cause the price of the food sells in restaurant expensive as well. It's cheaper if we just cook at home. Most of the local people there will just eat at home and they seldom eat outside at the restaurant.

On 1 December 08, my husband colleage Van Anh, Hai Anh & Linh bring us to try out their roadside "Lau". "Lau" in Malaysia we called it steamboat. Most Vietnamese will eat this on winter time. The price are cheaper to compare with the one we had at the restaurant. How many of got this experience sitting on the small tables and chairs at the busy roadside.

Some of the ingredients

Big "Lala" ~ anyone knows how to call this?

Tables & chairs was set up on the roadside..

Pot & Stove

My son

Add in the ingredients into the boiling soup.

The "Lau" are ready to be eaten ~

My baby


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Anonymous said...

I've nvr been to Vietnam,but now after reading your entries , it makes want to go there someday :)