December 12, 2008

Buffet Lunch & Ice Cream

25-11-08 ~ After seeing my kids not really like some of the Vietnamese food here. Em Trang suggested that we just go to have the buffet lunch at World Buffet. This buffet restaurant are actually owned by a Korean owner.

We have many different choices there. Vietnamese food, Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food & of course the Korean food. They have many different cakes & salads too. My 2 princess doesn't eat much that day and it's really a waste to bring them there ~ lol..

They just eat some spagetti and cakes... They tried the fried rice there and told me the rice are not nice...ermm, and I dare not try it at all~

She loves the chocolate cakes and she have a lot of cakes that day...
I tried almost everything there...and this is my 3rd plate of food I ate that day~hohoho!
Em Trang & Xin Nin

("Em" in Vietnamese means when we address people who is younger than us. They like to add the word "oi" when they calling someone. So, it's "em oi")

Kai Xen playing the NDS games after finished his food ^.^


Who Can Resist This???

After having our buffet lunch. We went to walk around and shop at their famous handmade stuff shops. It's one long street selling all the handmade bags, scarf and clothes. After spending sometime there, we end up having some ice-cream at a cafe beside the Hanoi lake. Since the weather are a bit warm that day, we really enjoyed our ice-cream so much.

Ice Cream Time . . .

4 of us and Kai Xen become our photographer~

Jou Nin posing with her ice-cream

This is how our ice-cream look's the combination of choc + vanilla~

En Trang & Jou Nin ~omg...Jou Nin are so white (fair)*
My dimple girl - Xin Nin
Kai Xen enjoying his ice-cream ... ^ ^

The place we sit are just beside the lake and we can even see some uncles fishing there. It's really great to eat the ice-cream and enjoy the cool wind blowing on our face. One best things when eating ice-cream on winter time is, the ice-cream won't melt that fast~lol... We can just sit there and slowly enjoy the ice-cream. If in Malaysia, I think the ice-cream will become milk-shake ald.... blek!!!~ hehe



Kuntong said...

Kai Xen stand on table to take the shoot?
pro la...haha

Kok said...

I can only see western food! Where's vietnamese food? kakaka!

Eh, ice cream in Malaysia is to cool yourself down mah. In cooler country, it's called dessert (it melts more slowly) mah. hahaha!