December 21, 2008

Dinner at Big C's Food Court

On our one month stay in Ha Noi. The only place we visited most of the time is this Big C shopping mall. Why??? yes, this is the only place we don't need to bargain for the better price. All the price are fixed for the food and etc.... After do some shopping there we try the food on the 3rd floor food court.

We ordered seafood "Lau" - hotpot for one person~
This is how the seafood "Lau" look like...
It comes with a plate of egg noodles...
We ordered some sushi too...
Miso soup
Unagi fav~
Claypot seafood rice
My son enjoys the food
Dragon fruit
Papaya & Banana Juice
Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup
Kimchi side dishes...

Not all the dishes taste good but we are happy to go home with full stomach. Over all the "Lau" are the best and worth its price.


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Kok said...

Your boy looks very alike your hubby!:D