December 08, 2008

Mama Diep's Grandson

Mama Diep (Van Anh's mom) bring her grandson to our apartment. He is Van Anh's nephew and they call him Chip. Aren't he just adorable??? I think he will grown up to be a very handsome boy too.

Mama Diep and Chip
Handsome boy! - dep trai
Xin Nin and Chip
Jou Nin and Chip
When my daughters see the baby, they just can't help to carry and hug him. They love to play with baby so much.


Kok said...

Mama Diep is a grandmother? She looks so young!

I also think the grandson will grow up into a handsome boy! He's so cute now. haha!

Kuntong said...

yup! the boy is so so cute!
nice day~

just apple said...

cant deny that he's a cute boy..:D