December 14, 2010

Money Spent & This Is What I Get In Return .. ^.^

Most girls when got the opportunity to go KL, one thing sure comes in mind.. that's shopping, shopping & more shopping .. hehe!!  But, for me .. the first thing comes into my mind is food, food & more nice food.. yum, yum ... !!! :)   The longer I stay in KL .. the fatter I will become, *sigh!!  Too many nice food available here.  Although we have to pay more, like one bowl of kuey teow soup for RM4.50 but, the portion are like double the quantity we ate in Alor Star.  Not to waste it, I try to finish the whole bowl.  My SIL brought me to Jusco Supermarket near by her house and I end up buying these .... what if, have a look at it??? .. Here goes my $$$ & these stuff follows me home :P

Water bottles for myself & my 3 monkeys .. Guess which one is mine??

A neck rest pillow which I found it cute more than useful .. eh, quite useful also la when go travel.. can have more comfortable sleep lo :P

A pair of school white shoe for my elder princess, her shoes torn out ald .. hehe!

A pair of white + dark blue leather shoe for my daily wear .. my old one worn out ald :) Got 20% discount.. actually this pair is not my favourite, but the pair I love NO DISCOUNT  :((

Watson's H Bella Protect & Nourish hand cream in Strawberry & Cinnamon 
Nature & Co. Organic Herb Extracts For Healthy & Beautiful Hair - Honey Blend Smooth Hair Mist

Silky Girl Nail Polish Remover & Revlon Soft Pink Nail Polish ..

2 KIKO pants for my prince - 50% off

Goggles Vest - Love it's color in Khaki, easily match it with any tops..

Goggles T-shirt - 70% off in purple and beige color strips.  Can match this with my new vest too.

Goggles blouse - 50% off

Here I tried to match it with the vest I bought .. nice?? 

Dark green flowery dress ... Love the fabric used for this dress, it's cotton and won't feel hot when wearing it.  Very country style & feel .. must match it with brown color thin belt, will look nicer :)

Here is how when I match it with the vest ... if I wear a cowboy hat & pair of boots with this dress sure look nice ya? haha..

Cotton long pant in dark blue .. very comfy when wear it & most importantly it's 50% off..

Cotton long pant in beige color .. I love it! 50% off too !!

Let go Hawaii Style .. beach short pant ..this probably will be what I wear at home or when I go to beach :)  Love it's fabric !!  Look nice with a plain white t-shirt :)



Aeiween said...

I guees Green bottle is your's one.. correct or not?? lol~

eugene said...

Correction correction, please don't call our children monkeys lol,, no good lah,,hahahahahhah

well as long as the entire family is happy then money spent is always worthwhile,,,right?

hey, my support to your blog always,,,,after all i think we have known each from blogging about a year or so now,,,just look at your boy photo now,he is so charming already,,,,,,