December 02, 2010

White KopiTiam

Lately, I've been visiting this White Kopitiam frequently for my dinner.  This kopitiam have been operated since June this year.  The food there are average in taste and price.  They are famous for the Seafood Tomyam & HK-style Milk Tea.  Those are my favorite too :)

HK-Style Iced Milk Tea

For those who still haven't tried the food there might just give it a try.  The price are reasonable and the food are yummy.  I love the environment there... very clean and comfortable.

Iced Mocha with Cream Topping

Taste good too .. they also served juices.

Open-kitchen, where we can see how they cook our food.

Fish & Chips ... 3 star out of 5 

Some close-up shots 

Bolognese Spaghetti

Black Pepper Sauce Chicken Chop

Seafood Pizza

Pattaya Fried Rice

Close-up of the rice

Hot HK-Style Milk Tea

Claypot Braised Bitter Gourd Chicken

Dark Soy Sauce Pork Belly - TauYu Bak

Assam Pedas Fish

Seafood Tomyam to be serve with rice or bihun :)


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emmie said...

Hi Amy,

Been following your blog for some time now. Glad to know that you are from Alor Setar too.
Btw, where is this White Kopitiam?