December 07, 2010

My Collection Of Hair Accessories

When I'm younger, my mom used to cut my hair short.  Both my parents they are working and my mother she didn't have time to help me comb or tie my hair.  So, short hairstyle will be easier for me to comb by myself.  Keeping long hair was my dream since I was small.  I wanted so much to keep long hair so that I can style it to my liking.  Tie it up, bun it up or just left it like that ... hehe!!  Now, I let my 2 princess to keep long hair, although it takes sometime to comb or tied up their hair but I just love girls with long hair.  I found them sexier ... hehe!!  The first time I keep my hair long was when I'm in Form 5, that's only shoulder length long.. :)

I have bought some hair accessories for myself & my princess recently and wish to share it here with all of u... Actually, I can just share this with my girls .. but, I prefer to let my princess use it most of the time :)

This rubber band comes together with fabric ribbons.. look really nice when we use it to tied a hair bun, please refer to picture no.5 ^.^

A hair-clip that comes with flowers made of color fabric .. can use it to clip a ponytail or hair bun.

I use it to tied up a hair bun .. look very elegant !!

Hair clip with fabric made rose.  My favorite hair clip that I will use most of the time.  I love it's color too in soft pink :)  Pls refer to picture no.4

The easiest way to make a hair bun using this .. it comes with wire inside for easier to shape a hair bun .. 
Pls refer to picture below for how to make a hair bun with it ..

Hair clip ,, with fabric flowers.. lovely!!

This is how this ribbon rolls up to secure a hair bun ,,

Big ribbon hair band .. :)


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